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Release name: Hard_Reset_Extended_Edition-FLT
Size: 6246 MB
Genre: Indie, Action
Publisher: Flying Wild Hog
Developer: Flying Wild Hog
Release Date: 08.03.2012
Language: ENG
NFO: Here
Release Description:

In the only remaining human city of Bezoar, Major Fletcher, an Army Combat Veteran, is dragged into a conflict between two of mankind’s greatest enemies. He is to discover that nothing is what it seems to be. Hard Reset is an action-packed, single-player shooter for the PC. With over-the-top destruction, loads of enemies, great weapon variety and a beautifully realized cyberpunk setting, Hard Reset is sure to shake up the shooter scene.


  • A haunting cyberpunk / dark sci-fi setting.
  • Fast-paced, old-school shooter gameplay.
  • Hordes of enemies to destroy.
  • Epic boss fights.
  • A deep, experience-based weapon upgrade system.
  • High-fidelity graphics with full dynamic lighting.
  • Extensive use of physics and dynamic environments.

Tamanho: 6,2 Gb
Screens: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4
Crack: Sim

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